Bridging The Gap Between African Producers and The American Market

Elevating Communities through USATD

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Forging Strategic Alliances: Our Partnership With Prosper Africa

At US Africa Trade Desk (USATD), we do more than simply enable transactions; we are pioneers in constructing economic bridges that span continents, fostering enduring trade relationships that thrive on sustainability. Here’s a glimpse into the unique approach that distinguishes us

Elevating Communities Through USATD

USATD is a groundbreaking initiative that not only seeks to unveil the vast potential of African commodities but also embodies our ethos of uplifting the communities from which we source. Our mantra, “give more than we take,” is deeply integrated into every transaction and partnership, ensuring that our engagement goes beyond business, to significantly enhance the lives and environments of our African partners. This platform is meticulously designed to facilitate direct market access for African producers to the U.S. market, focusing on AGOA-eligible countries and products, while simultaneously fostering economic empowerment and sustainable development within local communities.

Forging Strategic Alliances: Our Partnership With Prosper Africa

To amplify our impact on a global scale, we’ve established a key partnership with Prosper Africa, a Presidential-level national security initiative aimed at strengthening the strategic and economic partnership between the U.S. and Africa by catalyzing transformative two-way trade and investment flows.

This collaboration is instrumental in enhancing market access, ensuring supply chain resilience, and magnifying the opportunities available for African producers and U.S. retailers alike. 

Prosper Africa brings together services from across the U.S. Government to help companies and investors do business in U.S. and African markets.

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Advantages for African Suppliers

U.S. Demand-Driven Market Development

We align African suppliers with the specific needs and trends of the U.S. market, ensuring their products meet consumer demand.

Market Entry Support

Our comprehensive support covers crucial aspects such as marketing strategy, logistics, fee waivers, and insurance, smoothing the entry of African suppliers into the U.S. market.

Knowledge and Experience Sharing

Suppliers have the opportunity to learn from and leverage Intertrade Direct’s extensive experience in successfully supplying U.S. retailers.

Supply Chain Streamlining

We simplify the typical supply chain complexities, enabling a more efficient and direct route to U.S. retailers.

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